Saturday, 2 February 2013

DAC PSU - new caps and separate voltage regulators

Packing to move and a few other issues have meant progress is slow. I've now got separate regulators on the DAC digital, analogue left and analogue right. I'm using TI reg 103 and 104's which quite approx 33uV noise which is very low. 

The digital reg is on the top side. I've replaced the 47uF elco with a 330uf solid polymer nichicon cap with exceptionally low esr. The 47nf on the PCB side is replaced with a 2.2uF ceramic and I've got 100nf pps right on the supply pins on the dac itself. The analogue L&R have similar treatment with the regs fitted to the bottom of the board. The 47uF elco being replaced with 470uF rubycon ZLG, 2.2uf in place of the original 47nf and 100nf PPS on the pins of that dac itself.

It's definitely sounding like a completely different machine now 

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