Friday, 18 January 2013

The Teardown - Replacing the loading gear (all CDM4/19 )

To get to the cog for replacement and the main board for mods,we need to completely dismantle the player. Same principle applies to most of the CDM4/19 based players by Marantz and Philips.

There are 5 screws in the top cover which we need to remove 1st. 4 cross heads on the side and 1 torx on the back in the middle. Undo all 5 and remove the lid lifting the back of the cover 1st up and backwards.

Next turn the player upside down. We need to remove the bottom cover.
There are 8 torx to remove to release the bottom plate.

Next we need to remove the on/off switch bar. This is done by disconnecting the bar from the actual switch then lifting up and back to remove it from the front panel.

Next we need to remove the front cover from the CD tray. From the top of the player, you can just push the tray out a bit. You need access to the underside of the tray to remove the front of it. There is a tab that needs to be pushed out very gently to allow the front to slide across and off. Should be reasonably obvious from the pictures. The tab is at the top of the 1st 2 pictures.

From the top again, you can now unplug the 2 white plugs from the display and headphones

Now you need to remove the 3 torx screws from the top of the main front panel assembly. Ensure the CD tray is fully retracted inside the player. Release the tabs on each side of the player and release the front forward from the top. once free, it should just lift out from the bottom.

Now you need to remove the CD tray. Lift the clamp mech to the vertical position and just withdraw the tray from the player. You may need to move the clamp up and down in order for the tray to clear the transport and come tight out. 

Now you can see the broken cog which needs to be removed. By applying pressure to the mounting on the transport side, you can move it enough to free the cog......easy!!!

Putting it back is just the reverse! I don't suppose my replacement will be here for several weeks so i'll just keep the screws safe and proceed to remove the main board for mods........TBC

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