Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Replacement loading gear has arrived!!!

I'm in shock!!!! Exactly 1 week after ordering the loading gear, it arrived from China!

Only took a few seconds to fit and now we have a fully functioning tray 
I cleaned and re greased the teeth and gear with some silicon grease.

I've also been working on the distribution of the +5v rail within the whole player. I stated previously that it would be good to try and seperate the "noise domain" by individually regulating each power supply pin rather than having everything share the same single regulator. In this player, each pin is separated by a feed resistor in order to address this issue (well to a very small degree).

I've now got the details together to seperate the 5 supply pins for the DAC, the digital O/S filter (if it stays) the Decoder, the RAM for the decoder, the SPDIF driver (if it stays) and the CPU. I'll use low noise regs for everything except the CPU which just needs putting in it own noise domain. I'll sort some pictures explaining what I mean a bit later.

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