Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Why would you??? CD52 mods!!! SOme Theory!

One of the great things is that these players can be got for next to nothing. I'm trying to make this thread about time rather than boutique products just to see where it ends up. hopefully it will inspire others to discover how good some of the older players actually are. Hopefully my explaining how the power supplies work and are distributed to the various components around the player, it will give others the tools to try the same.

You can draw analogies for what I am trying to do with the 5v rail.

Imagine if you had 8 fridges in your house all on the same circuit as your hifi. You'd constantly hear pops as the pumps start and stop. Now imagine if put all the fridges and each individual hifi component on their own circuit from the fuseboard or better still on their own service supply from the electriciy board via their own dedicated consumer units. Scale that down and to whats inside the CD player and we have a single 5v regulator feeding many critical components, each introducing its own noise to the common supply rail. Obviously the same applies to all the internal rail but for now, I'm concentrating just on the +5v......the rest will come later

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